What procedures are in place while on the beach and on outings?

While on the beach, children are watched the whole time. There are always 2 leaders in the shallow water with the children at all times. Before entering the water strict guidelines are explained to all children for the safety and well-being. While on outings, children remain in their groups close to their leaders. A role call is carried out before going home.

Safety in camp and no-go areas

When the children arrive at camp on the Monday they are told about the areas that are strictly out of bounds. They are told about the dangers of running around tents and in the marquees (risk of rope burns). Children are not allowed off site without being accompanied by adults.

How many staff are there on the summer camp?

There are 25 volunteer staff, of which 5 are floating staff, who are not directly involved with the day-today care of the children whilst on the camp site. However, the 5 staff are involved in off site activities with the children such as outings, but primarily their role is to oversee the smooth functioning of the camp, cooking, cleaning, washing up, shopping etc.

Do you have a Child Protection Policy?

Yes. Please follow this link to view in pdf