How do you resolve squabbles between children?

The children concerned are separated, taken in opposite directions and quietly talked to by staff to find out what the issue is. Having calmed down they can normally shake hands. If one has to be disciplined then the discipline rules apply.

How do you discipline a naughty child?

We have 2 proven methods of discipline depending on the seriousness. 1. If in camp, he/she is made to sit quietly for a period in an isolated area of the marquee. 2. A reduction in their pocket money allowance. Normally 50p per issue. The 2nd method is normally the most effective. However, we make allowance for childrens behaviour to improve and redeem their pocket money.

How qualified are the staff who look after my child?

Our staff come from different areas of child care, some are social workers, some youth workers, some teachers, some simply have a keen professional interest in helping to provide a holiday for children. We also take on young volunteers who wish to make a career in childcare. All are CRB checked

Do you have a Child Protection Policy?

Yes. Please follow this link to view in pdf