What is your procedure if a child becomes ill?

One of our first aid officers will take charge of the child and ascertain whether he/she should go to the doctor/walk-in clinic or hospital. If it is greater than a minor ailment, the parent/guardian will be contacted.

Minor ailments

The First-Aid Officer will treat minor ailments. Where needed junior paracetamol, plaster or cough medicine could be administered unless otherwise stated on the medical form.

At what stage would you contact a parent/guardian if you were unduly concerned about a child?

We contact a parent/guardian if a child is unduly upset and cannot be consoled by any means at camp (This is extremely rare) or if a child has become ill or has had an accident so as to require a doctor or hospital treatment.

What happens if my child is ill or upset during the night?

A night duty officer will have a red flag or light outside of their tent for anyone needing help during the night. A sick child should send their partner to this tent for help. Normally any leader not asleep can hear cries for help.

Medications, what are your procedures?

The First-Aid Officer keeps a strict record of all medication and administers it as indicated on the medical form or medication package.

How do you pacify a homesick child?

The greatest remedy for homesickness is to distract the child. We take the child to one side listen to what he/she has to say generally and then slowly get their attention on to something else. This generally works during the day and also at night when he/she is drifting off to sleep. Occasionally if at night, taking the child into the marquee for a short while where there are leaders is an excellent form of distraction.

Head lice, what are your procedures?

If one child is infected then the whole camp has to be deloused using a proprietary brand of de-lice shampoo followed with a fine comb. This is a time consuming process.

Sun cream / Sun burn.

A high factor sun cream will be applied when required especially while at the beach unless otherwise stated on the medical form. An after sun cream will be used when required.

My child wets the bed.

The team leaders responsible for your child will quietly inspect the bedding of a known bed wetter. If wet, the bedding and clothes will then be washed. The child will be asked to have a good wash. He or she does not get teased by other children because of this.