General points during camp

How many children sleep in one tent?

Children sleep 2 to each tent. Any more then they keep each other awake.

Sometimes children are not happy with their tent partner

We do our best to pair children with mutual partners and gender. Sometimes we have to do a change around to keep the peace!

How secure are the children at night?

The camp is in the shape of a V with thick hedges on either side. Children’s tents, boys on one side and girls on the other, run along the V edges while the leader’s tents are in a semicircle around the top.

What time do the children go to bed?

Normally 8.30pm.  Some evenings are late, please have a look at the programme.

Where is the children's baggage kept?

As from this year we will have 2 baggage tents, one for boys and one for girls. Only leaders will have access to these. This will alleviate wet & dirty clothes being mixed with clean clothes and getting in a mess.

Do children's clothes get washed?

Some of the children's clothes do get washed and  this depends on the individual circumstances of the child. i.e. a disability. However, it is impractical for staff as all washing is done by hand, especially if sleeping bags are wet. There is no washing machine or tumble drier on site for drying and not enough clotheslines to hang 40 + children clothing.

What sort of programme do you run?

We run a comprehensive programme of activities. Please see our programme (link below). While at camp there is also Table Tennis, Art & Craft, Table Games, Face Painting, Field Games, Barbecue, Camp Fire & lots more.

I see from your programme that you have Church on Sunday. My child is not Church of England

We welcome many denominations to camp. The Church Service is a family Service geared towards children and is held out in the open at St.Catharine's Church, Holworth, and part of the Watercombe Benefice PCC.  We have become part of their community, so much so that they raise considerable funds to help the children attend camp. The children sit very quietly during the service and only take part if they want to. If you have any objection to your child attending church, please let us know.

What sort of toilets do you use?

We use Port-a-Loo style chemical toilets (normally seen on work sites). These are emptied once a week. Children have to rinse their hands in disinfectant water after use.

What washing facilities do you have?

Girls & boys have a large wash/shower tent each. Each child is expected to have a complete wash down before breakfast using a bowl of warm water or cold shower if they wish. Teeth are cleaned night and morning.